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Golf courses are a common amenity in many communities, but Kinderlou Forest Golf Club is anything but common.

A typical golf and residential community is developed with the intent to sell houses, with the golf course as secondary. But here at Kinderlou Forest, the golf course came first, and the home sites are arranged around the course, with beautiful views, but at a distance that does not impede play.

Created by Davis Love III Designs, the professional course opened in April 2004, serving as host to six PGA Nationwide Tour events and two PGA Web.com events in ten years. The South Georgia Classic was one of the largest events on the tour, with one of the richest purses on the PGA qualifying circuit.

In an area known for flat terrain, the topography of Kinderlou Forest is unusual for the region. Undulating hills lend a unique element not found in southern Georgia, and the signature #4 with its deep, all natural ravine is one of the most challenging, yet beautiful, holes on the course.

With five tee boxes on each hole, the course plays as short as 5,315 yards or as long as 7,781 yards. For discerning golfers who enjoy a challenge, make plans to play a round at Kinderlou Forest.

“The Langdale Company has provided us with a beautiful piece of ground on which to work and, equally important, the freedom to create what we believe will be a truly outstanding golf experience. The design of the golf course takes advantage of the variety of the land’s existing natural features and combines many traditional design elements and playing strategies. It should be a good test of golf for the skilled player, yet offer interest and enjoyment for the recreational golfer. The golf course at Kinderlou Forest has the potential to set a new standard for golf in South Georgia.”

davis love iii designs
Davis Love III, Captain of the 2012 U.S. Ryder Cup Team, the opening of Kinderlou Forest Golf Club in 2004.
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Kinderlou Forest Golf Rates

18 Holes: $45 + tax
9 Holes: $22.50 + tax

18 Holes: $55 + tax
9 Holes: $27.50 + tax

18 Holes: $62 + tax
9 Holes: $32 + tax

18 Holes: $72 + tax
9 Holes: $37 + tax

18 Holes: $22
9 Holes: $11

18 Holes: $22
9 Holes: $11

Military Rate is same as Member Guest Rate.

Twilight Rate is $10 off regular rate after 4pm.

Junior Rate (16 & Under) – $36.00

The Premiere Golf Course in Valdosta, GA

If you are looking for golf courses in Valdosta, GA, then you need to experience the hidden gem that is the Kinderlou golf course. Host to multiple professional events, the course provides a striking challenge for even the most seasoned golfers, requiring the full bag of clubs and full arsenal of shots. For the amateur, Kinderlou Forest Golf Club provides the luxury of a professional course at a surprisingly affordable rate. The truest greens in the region are matched with an uncharacteristically hilly course considering the surrounding flats. No matter the skill level, each hole will both challenge and excite every golfer that walks its landscape.

View the details of each hole below, and visit www.kinderlou-golf.com to learn more.

kinderlou forest golf club

Hole #1 at Kinderlou Forest Golf Club

A drive that challenges the fairway bunkers on the right will provide the best angle of approach to the green on this fairly generous opening hole. It is best to avoid the deep greenside bunker on the left to ensure getting off to a good start.

Hole #2 at Kinderlou Forest Golf Club

Be sure to choose carefully which tee box you play from on this long, downhill Par 5. The drive across the ravine requires accuracy and a long carry. This green is designed to allow properly executed approach shots to run on from left front, but be careful as short shots around this green are tricky.

Hole #3 at Kinderlou Forest Golf Club

One of the toughest Par 4’s on the course, strategy a key. Favor the left side of the fairway to avoid the leaning pine that guards the right corner of the dogleg. Approach shot should be played to the right side of the green to allow the ball to feed back toward the green’s center.

Hole #4 at Kinderlou Forest Golf Club

A proper plan of attack, a must to navigate this long, beautiful Par 5. The hole offers opportunities for heroic shots, but the more conservative play should prevail. Best approach angle is from the fairway, short of the large pine at the corner of the pit but will require a shot that is all carry. The safest play is up and around the pit.

Hole #5 at Kinderlou Forest Golf Club

A dramatic par 3 designed to test your nerves. There is plenty of room left of the green for a bail-out, but those wishing to challenge the flagstick will face one of the most daunting carries on the course.

Hole #6 at Kinderlou Forest Golf Club

This heavily bunkered Par 4 looks demanding from the elevated tee, but thre is more room than it appears. The real challenge is club selection to the uphill approach that features a long, severe false front. Take two extra clubs depending on the wind or get creative and try a run-up shot. Better to be long than short.

Hole #7 at Kinderlou Forest Golf Club

The shortest Par 4 on the course, but don’t let the length fool you. Accuracy and distance control are at a premium from the tee. A less than perfect drive leaves a blind, uphill second shot to a smallish green protected front and rear by bunkers. Par is a good score on this challenging short four.

Hole #8 at Kinderlou Forest Golf Club

The green on this medium length Par 3 is a large target, but finding the right section of the green is a must to ensure a reasonable opportunity for two putts. When in doubt, short is better than long and the two bunkers on the left are no bargain.

Hole #9 at Kinderlou Forest Golf Club

A long finish to the front nine, this Par 4 requires two good cracks to get home in regulation. Split the two cross bunkers short of the green with the approach and the ball should roll up somewhere on the green.

Hole #10 at Kinderlou Forest Golf Club

Avoid having your ball run across the fairway and into the bunker on the right by starting it well left. Tee shots that flirt with the oak trees left should work back towards the center to leave an uphill approach. Be sure to take an extra club to account for the elevation to carry the two bunkers protecting the green.

Hole #11 at Kinderlou Forest Golf Club

A drive to the left-center provides a clear view to the green and cross bunkers dividing the fairway into two distinct landing areas. The upper left fairway allows for run-up approach into the green that slopes away slightly. The lower right fairway offers a better angle into the green yet requires a lofted shot to carry the greenside bunkers.

Hole #12 at Kinderlou Forest Golf Club]

The wide side of the fairway right looks inviting from the tee but leaves a longer approach. The preferred line is to challenge the large fairway bunker left, leaving a mid to short iron approach. The bunker hoarding the green on the left is not as close it appears, so trust your yardage.

kinderlou forest golf club

Hole #13 at Kinderlou Forest Golf Club

A solid drive straight down hill will run past the corner of the dogleg and leave a good look at this picturesque green. There is plenty of room right and short of the green and approach shots right of the green will feed left. The creek is definitely in play when going directly for any flagstick cut on the left.

Hole #14 at Kinderlou Forest Golf Club

Don’t be tempted to cut the corner on this long Par 5 as the creek left awaits errant shots. A 3-shot hole for all but the longest hitters. Placement of the lay-up to your favorite short iron is key. Your optimum approach is left side of the fairway beyond the second dogleg. Only obstacle left is the deep bunker fronting the green.

Hole #15 at Kinderlou Forest Golf Club

The longest Par 3 on the course, this hole can play much shorter by using the natural right to left slope of the terrain. A well struck low, running shot played down the right side of the fairway will get extra distance and should feed right to the center of the green.

Hole #16 at Kinderlou Forest Golf Club

A drive down the right side avoids the deep bunker left and provides the best look at this Biarritz-styled green. The green features three levels, the front and back being higher than the center. Placement on the correct level of the green is crucial and made more difficult as the approach is played downhill.

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Hole #17 at Kinderlou Forest Golf Club

Precision is the key on this fairly long Par 3 that features a smallish green that is well protected along the front by three bunkers. Take plenty of club to avoid these bunkers and use the slight backstop behind the green to your advantage.

Hole #18 at Kinderlou Forest Golf Club

A long and challenging closing hole requiring two excellent shots. A drive up the right center gives the best look at the green, but challenging the fairway bunkers left will shorten the approach. The demanding uphill second must avoid the greenside bunker right and the swale left. Extra club will be needed to clear the false front.

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